Acura RL Technical Specifications

Acura RL front view


Acura RL Technical Specifications

Engine Size (liters) / Number of cylinders 3.7 / V6
Horsepower (SAE) / @ rpm 300 @ 6300
Torque (lb-ft) / @ rpm 271 @ 5000
Transmission 5-speed automatic - AWD
Top Speed (mph) -
Acceleration 0-60 mph (sec.) -
EPA Fuel Economy (mpg) city/highway 16 / 22
Curb weight (lbs) 4083 Comment:

Acura RL is a luxury sedan. It is only offered with a 3.7 V6 which is rated at 300 hp. With the five-speed auto box it achieves 16 miles per gallon in the city and 22 mpg in highway driving which is around the norm for this class (which itself is quite high). Too much weight and too much power = too much fuel consumption. Should be offering a more efficient engine option. A six or seven-speed auto gearbox would help, too. The fact that it is placed near the bottom of our midsize cars mpg list explains its poor fuel efficiency very clearly.

Acura RL rear view



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